Partner Testimonials

A comprehensive and reasonably priced extended warranty program is an important part of VyStar’s product offering. We have found such a service through a valued business partner, IWS. This invaluable service for our members helps ensure they do not incur an expensive and untimely auto repair bill that could negatively impact their monthly household budget. Ultimately, this helps ensure the quality of VyStar’s collateral securing the auto loan while at the same time, it does not increase the monthly payment incurred by our members. Essentially, IWS is providing peace of mind for our members, which, in today’s challenging financial climate, is comforting. In addition, IWS provides our members with the same level of high-quality member service that we expect from VyStar’s employees.
Senior Vice President of Member Services, Vystar Credit Union

As a credit union, our mission is to provide the best possible products and service at all times. Navy Army takes pride in choosing value added products for our members. We chose IWS GAP and warranty products because they offered a reasonably priced product without having to compromise quality. We have been a partner for over a year now, and I am happy to say that IWS has passed the test. Being able to see claims being paid and speaking to an actual person when guidance is needed is priceless. We have a win-win situation when the staff has confidence in a product and are able to help our members protect their assets.
VP Lending, Navy Army Community Credit Union

Ouachita Valley FCU has a variety of products we offer our borrowing members, and right at the top is the Intercontinental Warranty (IWS) VSA. The IWS VSA is a great product that gives each of our members, as well as the credit union, peace of mind that if there is a mechanical breakdown, the member won’t have to pay for the repair. Having an account executive who is easy to work with makes the Ouachita Valley FCU and IWS partnership solid. Colonel Thompson is always available and willing to help, whether it be for training, helping with a claim issue, or assisting with a sale. Knowing the IWS VSA is a quality product and the support we receive from Colonel instills confidence in our lenders when selling this product to our members.
Executive Vice President, Ouachita Valley Federal Credit Union

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